We provide our team members with training so they can thrive.

We’re proud to offer professionally-trained team members and managers to provide the following services to you and your company. We service over 10 million square feet of space every day.

Contract Cleaning

Discover the difference trained workers, a simple and effective quality program, and local management can make for your business. We work with companies and organizations ranging from heavy manufacturing and multi-store retail outlets to government and medical facilities.

Construction Cleaning

Since 2004 FMS Construction Cleaning has successfully cleaned over 250 facilities, ranging from 5,000 square feet to 1.2 million square feet on budget and by deadline. We currently employ a large dedicated team who have prepared stadiums, high-rises, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, retail stores, and numerous other types of facilities for inspections and turn-over.

Specialty Services

Floor Maintenance

We specialize in restoring and maintaining hard-surfaced flooring. We use high-quality Johnson and P&G floor finishes to protect and beautify your flooring surface. We can provide floor services from periodic cleaning to restoration.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

We employ full-time, trained, and certified carpet technicians, and operate two truck-mounted steam extraction units, numerous portable extractors, and bonnet scrubbers. Our method of service is tailored to your specific facility need.

Power Washing

Our trained technicians utilize truck-mounted and portable power washers. Loading dock cleaning, sidewalk and entry cleaning, drive aprons, decks, and exterior commercial buildings are our specialty.

Emergency Water Restoration and Drying

FMS will assist you in restoring your facility after flooding. We employ technicians to extract water, remove debris, dry out (including demo), and perform mold remediation. Additionally, our trained staff will set up dehumidifiers, air movers and air scrubbers, and we can chemically treat your affected areas.

Window Cleaning

We perform most of our window cleaning for commercial properties, utilizing a group of experienced FMS team members. Over the years we’ve saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars and provided crystal-clear windows.

Temporary Labor

FMS can provide uniformed, fully trained and supervised laborers for cleaning, mowing and groundskeeping, light industrial, and general labor. We can bring folks to your work site and pick them up.

Supply Management

We can provide you with toilet tissue, paper towels, trash liners, hand soap, carts, mats, trash cans, and just about any other item that your facility may need. We set up your account on a routine ordering and delivery schedule that meet your requirements and we maintain your inventory for you.

Green Cleaning and Recycling

FMS will help you set up a responsible, sustainable cleaning program for your facility.

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